The inspiration behind this project are our friends.  Most messaging platforms are generic and can be used to 
 connect with anyone across the world. But messaging is aptly meant to be  between friends in a University, 
 workplace, family. It is a small world and many people limit themselves a specific group of people. Me and my 
 teammate developed a simple Facebook like chat application to be used only among friend groups. 

What it does

 It provides a User Interface to Chat between 2 friends.

How we built it

 We developed this using React,, Javascript, ES6. The API's for the chat application are exposed by 
 running the API code, the front end code uses these API's and provides a chat interface.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into challenges when the API's code crashed many times, Front end code not able to connect to API's, 
Displaying the username of the friend in the Chat Application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that our hardwork has developed an application that can always help a friends group stay 
connected at anytime. 

What we learned

We learnt React, ES6 syntax, library

What's next for FB Messenger like Chat App Tutorial

Some improvements to this app will be
1)  Deploy the App to cloud 
2)  Provide database storage for the messages
3)  Add Friends Group features.

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