I am a computer science student and the most basic thing on my studies is E-learning it was so hard to follow the lessons as in the classroom so i decided to solve all the problems that I have meet before

What it does

WeLearn help us to get an immersive learning experience Via Facebook and oculus Go with 360° view we are so free to move and learn as in the real life we can get too much clear content and have the choice to move beetween the presentation and the teacher . more ..On WeLearn we have the training section here where you can find the benefits . on this section we can give you immersive training as on the real live by coaching you by giving you instructions to follow during the VR experience . WeLearn make creating E-Learning content easy the only thing that you have to do is is adding a video and the Presentation (PowerPoint or Images) by only 1 click .

How I built it

the WeLearn project was built with React360 only on 20 days

Challenges I ran into

i started working 2/09/2019 so Time was the biggest challenge i'm no web developper so i did max effort to learn JS and react fast


it works better on FireFox WebBrowser e-learning : astronomy Training : Public Speaking Training :

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learned REACT360 seeing my idea realized on VR world

What I learned

JS , React360 , working under pressure

What's next for WeLearn

having too much lessons grow our communitty give all the world the opportunity to learn

Built With

  • react360
+ 13 more
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