FB Dashboard is a simple and responsive dashboard. It shows real data graphs from your facebook profile. Users have to first connect to the application using Facebook Login. Once signed in, users are able to see 4 graphs.

  1. Gender ratio pie chart. It shows the ratio of how many male and female friends the current user have.
  2. Active time in facebook line chart. It shows at what time of day, the user usually access facebook.
  3. Likes Radar chart. It displays the different likes of user, grouped by category.
  4. Loader Doughnut chart. The loader spinning image is shown using a doughnut chart. The chart takes different colors, each time it loads.

Users can select their friends to see their data. The overall application is responsive. It is created over twitter bootstrap framework.

URL Share Chart: This app is placed entirely on a new page. One can type in a url and find out how it is shared socially. 4 values are shown using a Doughnut chart. They are click count, comment count, like count and share count of that specific URL

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