Leach was inspired by existing skill sharing apps like Skillshare and Udemy. However, we felt those services offered learning through a course format and did not form a close one to one relationship between teacher and student.

What it does

Leach is an educational platform that allows users to learn new skills from mentors, and teach their talents to others by connecting them over messenger! You can use this platform as a learner to find everyday people to help you learn a new language, instrument or any other skill. But everyone is good at something, and you can share your own skills by being a “teacher” and helping someone else master your craft!

How we built it

Leach is a full stack web application built with React, Express, NodeJS, and MongoDB. Our application keeps track of users through Facebook Login. The app was deployed with Heroku.

What we learned

Two of the developers had never used made full stack web applications. Also, the Facebook APIs were a new experience. A lot of time was spent making a nice and clean user interface.

What's next for Leach

Mentor Network currently uses likes to evaluate teachers. We would like to eventually provide a monetary system to incentivize mentors to teach. We believe this would create an Uber for online tutoring.

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