Introducing Fayble. A new way to furnish your home. Skip the dizzying shopping experience at Ikea and design customized furniture straight from your browser. Our streamlined web interface lets you pick a template furniture, customize the dimensions and style. We're bringing the design process to the user. Furniture that inspires.

Using 3d modeling tools Rhinoceros3d and Grasshopper3d, we parametrically created furniture templates to be accessed and customized from a web interface.

We decided to build a website to let users customize furniture and order it using our robotics software. We used the MEAN stack for the web development and designed the furniture as well as the robotics software needed to manufacture it.


We ran into challenges when we wanted to make the changes to the design in real time as the user edited it on the website. We did not anticipate the difficulties of connecting different servers and making sure the data is compatible.

Accomplishments: We built a very well designed website and pieces of furniture that we can view in a website as well as move around in our modern interface. We learned many new technologies and improved our technology skills. Also, we coded for 24 hours

What's Next? Fayble is developing a streamlined automated manufacturing process that brings the price point for customers down to an accessible level.

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