FavTruck was dreamt up as I had slept on the stairs locked out of my room at camp this summer. Having gone to a big city the day before, my late night hungers immediately brought the idea of food trucks to mind. Then I realized that there isn't a good app for food truck lovers and owners that allows for the consumers to have a say in the food trucks near them while also allowing for the owners to meet this demand. Thus, FavTruck was born.

How it works

FavTruck works by allowing consumers to vote for their favorite food truck cuisines and allows consumers to find, map, yelp, and order from food truck through the app. FavTruck also allows food truck owners to bring their product to the consumers by allowing the owners to view the results of the polls and position themselves to meet demand and make profits.

Challenges I ran into

FavTruck posed many challenges due to the numerous amount of APIs utilized and the difficulty of simulating owners and consumers.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of how we developed a working prototype that implements maps, yelp, online ordering, and geofencing in less than 24 hours.

What I learned

I learned a great deal about Apple's MapKit APIs, geofencing, and product planning under pressure.

What's next for FavTruck

FavTruck will most likely go under an extensive rebuild in the near future to prepare the app for launch on the App Store.

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