The story behind the code began with three guys sitting on a couch. The Favors app is among one of the proudest and enjoyable projects we have ever got the chance to work one. This idea was graciously formed after one of us were dropped off a week earlier at their Waterloo apartment. Their family members were in a rush and dropped all his belongings in the back of the apartment while he nervously went through his contact list asking who was in town. He found no one and had to go up and down the elevator of his apartment for almost 50 times carrying heavy furniture and jumbled up clothes. This was where the app came in. The Favor app would take the dependency off of your friends and family and onto the good people in your community. With a simple click on his phone, he could have been getting quality bestfriend-like help for no cost! If we were to name a feature we would be most proud of, it would be the invisible part of the Favor app. With immense brain power and team work, the back end along with the UI and front end was a test to human mind capability especially under the strict time limit. In simple terms,the Favor app is a platform where favors are exchanged.It is a place where people can give, take, and negotiate favors while meeting great people and saving a ton of time worrying about a job not done. Some may describe it as the Craigslist or Kijiji of favors but we would want people to remember it as the hub ran by human trust and an old-way-done-in-a-new-way type of currency!

Our target users are the entire world, people like you and I who can benefit from the benevolence of the community. The features that I am most proud of are, that were implemented during the duration of this hackathon are the Restful-based API for accessing data, and the creativity of the idea itself.

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