Favornet (working name)

Leveraging our desire to reciprocate goodwill: users request favors; other users complete, initially out of the goodness of their hearts (think a random act of kindness - users will be encouraged to do this). The requester is encouraged to reciprocate by fulfulling favors for the responder.

Naturally there will be people who use this platform to their own self-interest, i.e. purposely fulfill favors because they have a favor they want fulfilled. But that's fine (welcomed, even!) because they're still being incentivized to help people - even if it's a selfish intent, the results are good.

This can functionally turn goodwill into a "currency."

1st iteration is a favor marketplace, however, these are the general ideas/principles and implementation may change in the future.


  • make a request (title + details)
  • view & respond to open requests
  • cancel a request
  • view your made & responded to requests
  • chat with a requester/responder
  • mark as done when a request is complete (both sides must mark complete to consider as fulfilled)
  • user profiles

Some things for the future:

  • reputation/ranking that factors in how many "random acts of kindness" user performs + rate of reciprocation
  • not just favors but general goodwill (e.g. positive sentiments)
  • better UI & architecture, of course.

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