My biggest challenge was to find the right content or theme for my skill, because, at least in my opinion, the Content Is Everything. I didn’t want to create a skill that only a few computer nerds could appreciate. First, I went to the library and asked the librarian what are the most popular books that kids under 13.
Second, I interviewed a number of kids under 13, asking what their most favorite book is. Third, I checked on for the most popular books is for kids under 13.
Everything was pointing to the same book – The Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney. Forth, I checked the SEO keyword search report and learned that there are over 10 million monthly searches for the keywords “Diaries of the Wimpy Kid”.
Finally, I checked if somebody already created a similar skill, because I wanted to avoid duplication. The book “Diaries of the Wimpy Kid” was clearly the winner. Then, I got to work. I found the most favorite moments in the book and wrote questions about them. The correct answer I got from the book, but the incorrect answers I wrote myself and I knew that they had to be in the same humorous style and as entertaining as the book itself. That took a lot of Internet research.

I used Amazon Alexa Trivia template as a basis for the skill.

Lastly, I “tested” my trivia content on my friends and got their feedback.

After I created this Wimpy Kid Trivia skill and I created another trivia skill base on the book Dork Diaries. Goals for the future? To created many funny and entertaining trivia skills for kids.

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