Inspiration was inspired by the life of one of our very own teammates, Anusha. Anusha and her little brother have a long history of battling over "who owes who." Poor Anusha has been subject to her little brother's exaggerations over her work ethic far too many times. What she needed was some sort of application to keep track of her favors. And that is how was born - our team's solution to her unfortunate problem.

What it does is a mobile application that allows friends to keep track of the favors they owe and receive. The heart of the application lies in its digital token system. Every time a someone asks for a favor, they pay some number of tokens to the friend that helps them out. Our scoring system lets users know who they owe and how much they owe (or perhaps, who owes them!!)

How we built it

We built with React Native (a JS framework), Expo, and Django for the backend. We constructed an API to store our user information objects.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many issues regarding what our priorities were for this mobile application as well as determining the best technologies to work with. For example, we really wanted to implement a Facebook-linked user-login system using Firebase. We ended up spending hours on this task, however, and decided to take the elements that make the Facebook user-login so great and incorporate them into our own system. We really liked the 'Friends list' attribute of Facebook and how perfectly it meshed with our project.

Additionally, it took us a long time to determine which framework we wanted to work with. We were stuck between Ionic and React/Expo for a while, largely because some of our members had experience with the former. We ultimately chose React/Expo for a couple of reasons: (1) We wanted to learn a new language (2) We loved the Expo client and how fast it was a displaying the application (3) We had a reason to talk to Charlie Cheever and finally, (4) We liked the idea of potentially winning a prize!!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To put it simply, we are proud of our final product design and our idea and the potential it has to help people be the best versions of themselves.

What we learned

We all learned React Native for the first. The learning curve was steep, but it was worth it in the end. Now we are equipped to build awesome mobile or web applications.

What's next for Favor.Me

Our ideas range incorporating a social media feed to extending the application to allowing for groups to do/receive favors to a reward system for those extra-giving individuals. Lastly, we hope to analyze user data to learn about the trends amongst groups of friends.

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