Applications that delivers food and groceries from local stores, and the need for driving to Walmart when we need something small but urgent.

What it does

It allows users access a network of neighbors. By listing your stuff available for borrowing to your neighbors, you can lend with your consent. Similarly you can borrow stuff from others with a small amount of transaction fee for each items. We will also expand our business to borrowing and lending a hand, like shovel snow or help moving furnitures.

How we built it

Sketch is frontend and nodejs mongodb for backend.

Challenges we ran into

asynchronous features from node.js causes trouble, but finally we got it working from online tutorials by Chenxiao Guan.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

They figured out the challenge and it is actually a solid business idea

What we learned

Sketch is slower than hand-coded html files if you are not familiar with it.

What's next for Favor

Wait for IOT secure boxes that are cheap enough to install in each users' home.

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