Fauditor @ 2016 Fickackathon Kaohsiung

Problem Set: FishFace App from The Nature Conservancy Indonesia Fishery Conservation

In the problem set, the most important problem is fishing data collection.

Fishing data is really important not only for scientists to analyze how much fish existing but also very crucial for fishing management. In the past, if we wanted to collect the fishing information of caught fishes and how fishes were caught, usually in most developing countries we would ask fishers to make logbooks. However, Writing logbooks by hand is a very tedious and cumbersome task for many fishers. The data on paper (even on e-book) is difficult to be collected and be filed. In addition, because of manual handwriting, errors and ambiguities in text occur more often than we thought. Thus, in the world that fishing problems are being worse, an automatically and technology-supported method for fishing data collection is needed and urgent to be solved immediately.

Our Solution

To solve the problem mentioned above, we developed an Android app that supports fishers to collect information during their work and can automatically generate logbook without any user intervention. We also provide very user-friendly interface for fishers who may not be familiar to technologies. Other than logbook generation, we also provide sea/weather information which may advantageous for fishing tasks (e.g., sea temperature and wind direction). Finally, logbook can be easily transferred between devices by NFC without any Internet or automatically uploaded to the server when user device is connected to the net.

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