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Lead / Developer: Eugene Sergio Castro De Los Santos LinkedIn profile:

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** - Inclusion - regardless of age, race, or socioeconomic background, this 3 step programme and application can be done and accessed by anyone - Technology-based - it's a web application that lets users find a trail, borrow a bike, and start a countdown timer for 30 minutes**

What is the focused challenge you are addressing? (20 words max)

** - Creating an active lifestyle to improve the health of people stuck at home during the pandemic**

Overall idea description (200 words max)

**- FATBAB30 (pronounced as Fat Bab Thirty) stands for Find-A-Trail/Borrow-A-Bike/30minutes-a-day
- It is an advocacy and a working mobile/web application that lets users do all of the above
- The main goal is to promote an active lifestyle by following these three very doable steps**

Outline of your submission meets the 3 judging criteria (a. creativity and innovation, b. impact on identified challenge and UN sustainable development goals, implementation feasibility)

**- It is a web application built using Angular 12 and deployed in AWS S3 as a static website
- It consumes API endpoints provided by RapidAPI
- It meets a UN sustainable goal, GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being
- Implementation feasibility = very feasible**

Idea development stage (early testing/brainstorming stage, tested and piloted, piloted and ready to roll out, rolled out and ready to expand)

**- Early testing/ brainstorming stage**

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FAT-BAB-30 is a fitness tracking application, based on a daily habit after moving to the province during the pandemic.


FAT (FIND A TRAIL) allows users to find a nearby trail that the user can go to.

BAB (Borrow A Bike) is an optional feature that lets the users borrow/build/buy a bike so they can have motivation to do the biking daily.

30 (30 Minutes) is the minimum time needed to do the biking/running or any exercise the users want to do.

What it does

FAT-BAB-30 (FB30) application has a user friendly UI that features every part of the FB30 process to keep users on-track with their progress.

How we built it

It makes user of Angular 12 for the front end and it is deployed to AWS S3 as a static web site.

Challenges we ran into

Finding the relevant APIs to use while conserving the limited allowable daily requests for those endpoints.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning Design Thinking concepts and keeping in mind during the planning and development of the app.

What we learned

The use of braapDB and Google Maps for the park/trail finding feature.

What's next for FAT-BAB-30 (Find A Trail - Borrow A Bike - 30min)

Onboarding users and adding more cool features. There is still a lot of development work to be done.

FATBAB30 in Action

Watch me do it in this video:

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