I really hate it when I have to click through a video to find a spot that I want to watch from..... this helps.

What it does

It provides users with a cool way to finda certain spot in a video, using image recognition and processing of subtitles.

How I built it

I initially build it as a chrome extension that works with almost any HTML5 video player. I also specifically built a YouTube version that works with CC. It also can detect various political topics and display statistics while watching the video on YouTube. (i.e a Clinton/Trump speech involving gun control will display gun statistics). There is also an iPhone version that works in the same exact way natively on the iPhone.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into many challenges! I was going solo on this project and it wasn't a bad experience. However, I had my plans laid out and the limitations to the Clarifai API made me rethink my plan a lot.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm extremely proud that I completed a Chrome extension and iPhone app that function in 1 day all alone. I really pushed myself and am truly happy with the outcome.

What I learned

I learned to not rely on a single API as a plan.... things change... API's have limitations.

What's next for FastWatch

Perfect the code make it stable and hopefully a production release.

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