Electronic Theft has been everywhere in the Internet. People compromising and Stealing other people electronic data eg Digital Videos, Ebook, audios etc that was meant for payment. They can even make download without following payment due process. Send anywhere has circumvent this crisis by dynamically assigning each uploaded file a highly secured 6-digital code that gets expired once data transfer commenced..

Digital Publishers, Media Companies are now assured that unauthorized download are highly prohibited and that with Send anywhere API, their Digital Contents are Secured.

Again uploading and downloading heavy media data like Videos and Audio from Social Networks may take quite long thus making the user to piss off; but Send-Anywere has just bridge the gap and as a matter of fact uploads and downloads of heavy files can now be done within +-0 minutes.

Users of Send-Anywhere app are now fully assured that they can start using a Social App powered by Send Anywhere to connect Friends, families and relations to share digital files.

Media Publishers and Digital Companies are now guranteed of Business Excellency, Automatic product adverts, promotions on almost all Social Network,Product Sales and Delivery, 0-minutes Files Uploads and download all from Send-anywhere highly Secured multi-tenant environment.

Send-Anywhere has done all this and FASTSHARE App makes it happen...........


I see Send-Anywhere becoming the next google, I mean faster that google. with Fastshare App powered by Send Anywhere API, Files upload and Download has been made easier than before, extremely fast with highly secured digital codes.

Data Replication and Warehousing:

FastShare Apps powered by Send-Anywhere automatically serve as a data warehouse. Digital Contents can be accessed Locally and be replicated on the fly so that your content can be served from everywhere, from any Server even in a Multi-cultural Environment. Users can start using FastShare App powered by Send-Anywhere API as a means of data warehousing as in case of Youtube.

Social Connection Inclusion:

Apart from sharing Data on Facebook, Twitter etc.

The app also allows the Users to share digital Videos and Audios on the app. Users, customers can comment, Like or Unlike the Video/audio., You can Add People, Send request, access your customers list, Chat with customers and Friends all powered by send anywhere venerable system

App Integration

Easily Integrated with any Social Network, E-Commerce Shopping Cart, Variety of Payment system.

Easily make Sales, Delivers your Products directly to Your Friends and Customers on their Social Network, email and to mobile devices via SMS

Audit and Sales Monitoring

Enables you to track your files uploads, track your sales with highly configured graph chart files distributions analysis


You can now communicate easily with your Customers, families and Friends via one-to-one chat messages with photo sharing option all from FastShare secured system.

Sales Excellency and Adverts

Advertise and share your Media informations and Digital Download Codes to almost all social Network on the fly including:
Google Plus

Automatic Billing/Invoice System(Email & SMS Notifications):

When User Check out shopping Cart, The apps automatically generate an Invoice along with information of the products purchased including the 6-digit Access codes.
The Customer is fully assured to recieve all the data via her Email Address and on the mobile Devices via SMS Protocols.

How it works

When a user signs up and logged in, he or she can start accessing the app immediately. He can first choose to Publish a file probaly video and Audio. He can also makes download of any file using Send-Anywhere 6-digital Codes from the App.

When a User Publishes a file from the App and it went, the App will automatically ask the User if She wants to Share the files info and the file 6-digital codes on social Media like Twitter,facebook,google plus,P-interest etc. The User can respond by clicking any of the link or click on Continue to Return to the dashboard. User can Like on or comment on each Video and Audio published to Send Aywhere system.

When a user publish a files to Send Anywhere System, it automatically reflects on the shopping Cart system so that sales transaction can commence immediately. When a User makes purchase and Checked Out the app allows the user to stream a sample of her video purchase while her purchase information and digital Access code are emailed and SMS to her email address and to mobile devices via SMS.

User can track sales made daily along with the number of files send daily to Send-Anywhere gateway. Soccial Adverts Option allows user to Advertise products on various socia network.

Live Chat system at the bottom provides customers a communication approach via one to one Chat text messages with photo sharing option. This ensures faster communications and your customers, friends will be happy.


This app has been tested on Google chrome and it works 100%

Nature of Contents

This app was specifically designed for Videos and Audio files Sharing and Uploads. Though you can still download any files type whatever as long as you have the 6 digit codes.

Its true that User can send any Audio and Video files of any type from the app to Send-Anywhere Gateway but only .MP4,.WebM,.Ogg ,.wav. mp3 can be streamed back and be played on the app because they are just extension supported by HTML5 audio/video player. Other files extension will be streamed in the next release using iframe.

Finally, For testing purposes, any file sent from the app to Send-Anywhere Venerable System are further re-checked on the fly via our back end server and thus maximum allowable files size upload is 30mb

Thank You

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