We wanted to do a project that could benefit the agriculture industry as well as the average consumer. We saw how critical delivery apps have been for those unable to leave their homes and we want to finally connect farmers with an untapped market.


What is Fastfresh?

Fastfresh provides a service that connects farmers with a new market of consumers. The app allows for users to order fresh food directly from farms by using delivery drivers who pick up and deliver the food straight to their doorstep. alt alt

How we built it



We build the backend with Python and Flask with MongoDB as a primary database. The backend interacts with Google Maps API to route detinations between delivery drivers and customers.


The front end is build with React Native making it cross platform for either IOS or Android phones. We utilized a component structure to make sure designs were clean and accessible. We also utilized NodeJS to make requests to our backend API.


What we learned

We learned a ton from this project and creating and app that has a lot of moving parts was not easy, we ran into many challenges early on such as our SQL database not working as intended so we had to quickly pivot to MongoDB. We learned a lot about working as a team and creating software cohesively as a unit.


We are proud of creating an app that helps farmers get into markets they never though were accessible. Along with this we are proud to provide farm fresh food to people who are extremely busy or can not leave their homes.

What's next for FastFresh

We plan to implement a seperate app where farmers can manage stock and see advanced metrics on their customers and connect with customers directly. We also plan to implement better algorithms for matching delivery drivers and optimizing delivery times.

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