The difficulty in deciding outfits when shopping—how do I know if something matches what I already currently own?

What it does

Scans a QR code linked to the clothing item, and pulls up the image on the app. The user is free to scan multiple images and mix and match clothing items.

How we built it

In the eve of the second to last day, we learned that our original idea was taken, won, and already a functioning startup in the UPenn community (XpressCart). We formulated a version of this for clothes (with/the ability to view custom outfits).

Challenges we ran into

The login kept crashing. We also faced many memory issues which would cause the application to crash.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We have drastically increased the efficiency of common digital transactions by reducing the amount of clicks from 5 to 1 (in order to perform a transaction).

What we learned

This was more of an application after learning experience (except for the newbie on our team). Basically everyone had some general idea of what to do; and if we didn't know, we knew exactly what to search for in those moments.

What's next for FitMe

More features, such as usability

Built With

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