We thought about how we could make shopping faster for a big company like Walmart. After talking to representative of the Walmart team we got the solution.

What it does

It simplify the time that takes to the consumer by making his cart also his checkout stand. On each cart will be a stand for your phone on the handle of the cart. When you are picking a product to your cart you will pass its NFC tag next to your phone and it will immediately enter to the app and will add this product to your virtual shopping cart so you won't need anymore to stand in the line to the checkout stand. When you want to finish your shopping you are just going to go out of the store and it will make the payment automatically with PayPal ,or anything else.

How I built it

Our building process was:

  1. We studied about the Walmart API and build our own API.
  2. We've deployed our work to Microsoft Azure
  3. We built the hybrid application using Apache-cordova and Angular.js.
  4. We used Cordova plugin to Hack the NFC tags and posh Walmart items in every one.
  5. We made the PayPal payment using another plugin.
  6. We thought about the security process of the consumer. ## Challenges I ran into
  7. Reading the NFC tags without the proper equipment.
  8. Integrating PayPal payment into our application.
  9. Making sure that the consumer is not stealing or accidentally don't pay for some product.
  10. Finding a solution to build this product with the lack of hardware. ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of
  11. Hacking the NFC tags and writing into it.
  12. Making hybrid application and integrating PayPal in it.
  13. Thinking about the security system of the store.

What I learned

  1. Working with NFC.
  2. Working with PayPal Mobile SDK.
  3. Working with Walmart API.
  4. How the Walmart network works.
  5. Working as a team.
  6. Working with Cordova.
  7. Hacking NFC tags and writing to them. ## What's next for fastCart Improving our UI. Making the exit system security more secure. Compiling to windows phone.
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