Optimizing Europe's internal border controls through digitalization to ensure free movement of goods whilst simultaneously halting the spread of COVID-19.


COVID-19 is a huge challenge for Europe's supply chains and its principle of free movement of goods. There are multiple kilometres of traffic jams caused by intensified border controls. Currently, trucks are piling up at the borders, which can lead to delivery bottlenecks or in the worst case even to spoiled goods. Media reports say, one of the main reasons for this is that questionnaires are distributed to drivers at the borders and must be completed by hand - which logically takes a lot of time.

What it does creates an EU-wide platform, where information, which was previously collected in analogue form via a questionnaire, can be entered digitally and before the start of the journey or on the road. The information for a complete journey - from the country of departure, through transit countries to the country of destination - is recorded centrally in a database and can be accessed and checked by border officials via a QR code. In addition to information on the driver, vehicle and journey, health-related data can also be recorded.

Driver App:

Checkpoint App:

And the best thing is, it is live and you can test it right now!


  1. efficient and hygienic handling at border crossings
  2. traceability of infection chains and possibility of interruption
  3. platform independence (Web App)
  4. extensibility (dynamic data model e.g. for country-specific fields)
  5. scalable solution and holistic, pan-European approach
  6. further processing of the data and extended analysis options (e.g. by RKI)

How We built it

Database The images include a detailed Entity Relationship Diagram


Frontend Driver App

Frontend Checkpoint App

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