In due interest it needs to be stated, any business will expect to grow from being a “pre-lockdown vision specific” business, to being a Future prospects business (in Risk 2020).

The FastBiz solution helps address system inequalities in doing business. It revives the payment sector where money and cash flow decide the future of businesses.

What it does

We aim to help all legitimate facilitation to buy or sell, send or receive and trade with FASTBIZ coupons.

The visionary interest for Bitcoins and the gap analysis experience have laid the foundation for this sense of purpose.

We intend to grow in this vision to match the crucial consciousness, to make businesses self-reliant, futuristic and sustainable. The FASTBIZ network and its FASTBIZ coupons & transactions will be available to customers after sign-in and registration into the network.

The particulars of registration will include an Identity proof, a self-declaration, a Risk 2020 Memorandum of Business Association, Articles of Business Association and many other official documents.

The FASTBIZ network will enable different Memorandums of Business Association, where these memorandums will be for customers, for associated businesses, for investors and for associated partners. A FASTBIZ customer will buy from the business, an associated FASTBIZ business will buy or sell to a business, a FASTBIZ investor will invest in a business and an associated FAST TRACK partner will enable use of the business’s FASTBIZ coupons at other business endpoints.

How I built it

We are committed to help facilitate or enable trading, business, sending, receiving and investing in FASTBIZ coupons or facilitated currency.

The FASTBIZ coupons are of different types for customers, such as (1) Open coupons, (2) Unique coupons, (3) Specific coupons, (4) Social cause coupons, (5) Savings on purchase coupons, (6) Relief & Rehabilitation coupons and (7) Green Zone coupons.

Our mission is to provide trading or business services, timely consultation, guidance and knowledge-centric support to investors or customers to do this.

The business model we recommend includes services to help

  1. Earn attractive returns via investment in what is called as FASTBIZ-Actualization-coupons that help businesses benefit from forward lifetimes in the actualization and/or trading of their solutions, products and services

  2. Trade (buy or sell) with FASTBIZ customer type coupons

  3. Send or receive FASTBIZ coupons

The facilitation provided by the different FASTBIZ coupons for customers will be based on a specific Memorandum of Business Association, where

(1) Open coupons will permit a customer to use the coupon in any way within the business and its associated network. The Open coupon can also be sent or received from other customers

(2) Unique coupons will permit a customer to use the coupon for a need that is unique

(3) Specific coupons will permit a customer to use the coupon for buying specific products or services from the business

(4) Social cause coupons will permit a customer to avail of products or services as a social cause

(5) Savings on purchase coupons will permit a customer to avail of products or services with reduced pricing / discounts/ savings included

(6) Relief and Rehabilitation coupons will permit a customer to avail of products or services that help during disasters, emergencies and other scenarios where people are adversely affected

(7) Green Zone coupons (where no specific Memorandum of Business Association is needed for a business to facilitate customers, or even buy or sell coupons to other businesses)

The Memorandum of Business Association for each type of coupon will help the business identify the nature of sale or service to the customer, where different Articles and Standard Operating Procedures will help the business’ “fast track selling with sufficient protection for all fiscal, product and/or service investments for the sale”.

Challenges I ran into

As the world all over is fighting climate change, global warming, resource depletion, economic size-downs, changes in fiscal policies, and demonetization, as part of our “thinking for sustainable development and growth” our associated MIR standard can be used in delivering solutions, products and services.

Future Prospects for a business will work on the basis of Fast Track facilitation, where a Surveillance pulse and Risk Survival pulse will regulate the facilitation to deliver and/or to actualize delivery.

A Surveillance pulse will monitor the Memorandums of Business Association for each of the coupons facilitated, where a particular Processing Fee and Charge helps protect the business.

A Risk Survival pulse will regulate the facilitation by deciding the types and numbers of coupons generated for a period, where the generation will be helped by Seeded investments (by angel or ROI specific investors) and other FASTBIZ-Actualization-coupons.

To make this vision for “legitimate & fast-tracked business facilitation” fruitful.

You can refer to the MIR

You can refer to standard operating procedures to function in this role.

You can also incorporate a methodology for “continual excellence in this framework”.

As ISO standards are known in India, apart from the MIR standard, we have added the “unique facilitation proposition” to the ISO-foundation related self-assessments to ensure facilitation in business endeavors.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Amidst a humble beginning, we sum up by stating “Businesses can grow and help the Indian economy by helping investors or customers use FASTBIZ facilitation”.

We offer Future Prospect Facilitation (as a NEXT step to today’s 4 stepped journey of a customer, that is to inquire, to ascertain, to purchase and to use or consume).

We design a Facilitators Desk for your business that can help FASTBIZ Investment, Management and Consultation. We also help include details for this facilitation in your books of accounts to meet RBI and/or Taxation norms.

What I learned

The word “Future Prospects” in 2020 signifies our intent which should be “a symbolic gesture to help people and businesses reach their goals.

What's next for FASTBIZ

Design, develop and deploy the landing page for the solution. Implement FINASTRA interfaces as relevant.

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