Started out with an idea to help people understand the process of expunging their criminal records. Came to the hackathon and found myself wanting to incorporate as much stuff as possible into the one app. I wanted to make a great resource that anyone in the North Carolina area could utilize. This will be an ongoing project to do just that.

What it does

It's filled with resources, easy to understand explanations, legal search made easy, understanding of how to find your criminal records, and how to find a lawyer within your area.

How I built it

It's all native iOS objective c and built using Xcode on a Mac.

Challenges I ran into

Time. I have so many great features I want to add and continue to enhance, just didn't have enough time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting a lot done in the short amount of time that I had. And most of it works.

What I learned

How to use researchKit within iOS

What's next for Fast Track - Making legal services more accessible

Continuing to develop all of the features so it works fully and will be helpful to those who need it.

Built With

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