In Japan, concern for sports is rising toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. We became members of society, the opportunity to do sports gradually disappeared due to the influence of work. Also, due to work, it is difficult to match time with friends. It is troublesome to gather people to do sports and find places. Therefore, by collecting people for sports and searching for vacant facilities by automatic matching, we came up with a service that can eliminate troublesome processes and easily provide a sports experience. In addition, AI BOT performed information on the day of sports and thoroughly alleviate the burden on users until participating, so you can experience sports more easily. In this way I came up with "Fast Sports".

What it does

・Proposal of events in the best sports you would like to do and support by AI until event holding.

How I built it

・DialogFlow、GCP and CloudFunction.

Challenges I ran into

・Process of passing the analysis result of DialogFlow to the server for dynamic response of DialogFlow ・Development with DialogFlow Android SDK for creating Android application

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

・Voice input function ・Output logic of the best event

What I learned

・How to use DialogFlow, GCP ・Implementation of voice input function

What's next for fast sports

・Enhancement of user registration (time, sports, place registration) ・Enhancement for performing sports event search ・Collaboration of vacant facility information with facility side

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