We want to build a better Birmingham. However, we know that this is only possible by engaging the next generation. Through empowering students and organizing them around problems that they care about, we can inspire change.

What it does

Our website gives students a platform to share their ideas. They are able to log into Fast Idea, submit their own ideas or search for others, then connect with students who share the same passions as them or who make up different skillsets than them. When we discover new users who have complimentary skills to our own, we can produce new products, designs, and solutions that were previously out of major.

How we built it

We first created a barebones Flask application and ran it locally with a SQLlite database. When this was working, we then pushed it to Heroku. From here we began rolling out visual updates every hour while testing backend code locally. During the final stretch of the Hackathon we tried to roll out a huge update that added onto the database, but this led to errors.

Challenges we ran into

We had to design a PROCFILE to get Heroku's Dyno's running. This took a while because we continued running into errors with the configuration. We finally discovered the correct arguments to pass into our server manager file. As stated above, we added new tables into the database so that students can post their ideas. This works when tested locally but fails in live production. We believe the issue lies in how the local DB is new and that if we deleted the old DB this might fix our problem. With more testing we can optimize this process of adding new DB features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That I never had to use a branch besides master on my own code.

What we learned

How to have continuous integration with Github and Heroku. Using Flask for views, routing, and dynamic websites.

What's next for Fast Idea

We want to start a social media campaign to get feedback from students. With their thoughts we will be able to go back and upgrade the platform in line with their goals and expectations.

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