When we first got together as a group, we had no real solid plan on what to program. The first idea that we had was an app/web application which would cater to the musically inclined audience, specifically DJ's and their listeners at a live set. However, towards midnight, we had settled on an idea for a web application which would be silly, and somewhat useless, but awesome. That idea is what we eventually stuck with, and when the application was finished, we had something which would allow the user to put in the type of nutrition info they were craving and their budget, and would spit out a restaurant and a compiled menu which packs the most of that specific "nutrition" for the person's budget. In addition to the compiled menu, we also included a feature which would map the user to the restaurant, with it's location based off of the amount of calories they would have to burn to even out after eating all the menu items.

We have no target user, as everyone has food cravings. As for our web application's interface and inner workings, we are proud of it's conceptual simplicity and user interface design, as well as the algorithm which was able to compile a list of the menu items which would maximize on the specific "nutrition", while keeping within the budget of the user.

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