This package allows you to reduce the installation time of dependencies in node_modules during your development process. This is especially important when you or your teammates sees errors in the console during the installation of ### yarn or ### npm install or during the installing packages of your application in production. Using this package is saving traffic 3 times therefore saves programmer time and therefore benefits the business

What it does

This package archives the node_modules folder and saves such an archive in IPFS and returns ### (Content Identifier, CID). The CID of this archive is writing to the scripts in the file package.json. Now anyone who makes a git pull of this version of the project will be able to fill node_modules with this command without using yarn or npm install In the development process, the programmer can add /remove dependencies from node_modules after which it will call the upload command and now the command will be updated CID. After git push, everyone will be able to use the new version of the archive to update node_modules

How we built it

At first, there was an idea to build a separate application with the IPFS package installed globally, but then we came to the conclusion that we need it to be available at any time and in any application

Challenges we ran into

Installing the IPFS package globally has configuration difficulties and failures during installation are possible, this can scare away users, so we had to do work with IPFS directly from the OS

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's wonderful that the idea turned out to be useful for development process

What we learned

How to work with IPFS directly from OS

What's next for Fast development with IPFS

Work to reduce the file size for IPFS. Need to the ability to work for Windows OS users with the package. Need to the ability to work with any files and folders with IPFS. Work to add several commands to speed up the development of Node.js applications

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