Our vision was to create an mobile application that used image-recognition to recognize and categorize clothing items from either the photos you take or images you upload. This application would allow you find clothing items that you've see and want but are unable to find without searching the web in depth.

What it does

When the you take or upload a photo of a clothing item, our application will categorize the details of your clothing for you and return similar pieces from other online sources. The results will be saved on your profile.

After you log into the application, the first page will be the News Feed (3) which will display the clothing suggestions customized to the user's interests from their favorites, previous uploads, or searches. Following the News Feed there is a Search page(4) for the user to look up clothing with keywords. There is also an in-app camera(5) feature to take photo and/or upload photos. Then there is the Favorites(6) page filled with all the previous photos that you've liked. Lastly, there is the user's own profile page(7) where they can access their uploads. On the top navigation bar, there is a Filter selection to filter out your News Feed and also Settings where you can edit your profile information and/or log out.

How we built it

We created the User Interface on Sketch and then exported it to Xcode where we integrated the application functions and controllers. We used Google's Vision API for the image recognition and Firebase for the backend services.

Challenges we ran into

We initially ran into issues with finding a proper API that had a vast library. Originally, we were going to use Thread-Genius API but unfortunately the API was still in development, rendering it useless for our project. However, for future implementations, when the Swift version is released, we will integrate it into our backend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to plan out the User Interface and implement a majority of the functions and controllers that we wanted to use.

What we learned

This was our first time exercising our skills and putting them in action as a group. While we struggled a here and there with relearning (and also learning for the first time) with certain coding languages, we were able to overcome these obstacles with persistence.

What's next for Fashionista

We hope to continue to improve our User Interface and further develop our code to reflect our original vision. Possibly revise our backend so that it will use Thread Genius's API when they release it. On top of that, we plan to refine the name and create an fitting application icon.

Disclaimer: Photos used within the application as examples are sourced from

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