With the current unpredictable political climate posing potential threats to healthcare, many women are turning to monitoring the ovulation and fertility through various methods and away from non-hormonal medicines. One of the most effective options is Basal Body Temperature tracking.

After a woman's ovulation period, her body temperature will raise between 0.4 to 1 degree. Our headbands and eye masks’ built-in metaware c pro heat sensor thermometers will track your average nightly Basal Body Temperature to determine when you are ovulating and therefore, most and least fertile. These temperatures will be transferred via bluetooth and recorded in a free, easy-to-use app that will decipher your daily risk for pregnancy on a low-to-high scale, allowing you to plan accordingly and be informed on your body’s fertility.

Though our app is not exceptionally advanced, considering that two of our software-specialized group members dropped out, it is a source of pride for two fashion students with no previous technological experience. We learned basic coding skills which is a small win in our books.

Hopefully, we can build on this current momentum and gather further support to expand and grow this idea into a fully-functioning product.

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