Inspiration: Music Embraces You, Touch is Easy, Express yourself with Imagination. Embrace Music by the Simplicity of the Product.

What it does: It is built to reduce stress and build pleasure for individuals of any sort, size, age. It helps give the human being and escape.


How I built it: An arduino to respond to a sliding soft membrane potentiometer that controls a bluetooth which raises or lowers the volume on your phone via Github code found online.

Challenges I ran into: The solder and the hardware were new to use and very challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: All of our gathered material that we were able to collect while we were here, including learning how to use the embroidery machine and the 3D printer, learning how people find the code, and the fabrics we came up with. Beginning to understand how we might have been able to laser engrave. Having time to think about the AEIOU of design, learning some biomimicry and trying hacking (yay ! for the first time! :-). Plus getting really stuck and then being able to persist past it & learn from those around me who had it down. While exploring the building, and meeting new people, we were able to acquire our beautiful idea by inspiration.

What I learned I learned: communication skills in a sense where you can connect with people around you and learn from other people's abilities of how to express yourself in a way where you can view things differently. We were able to build a foundation for designing as well as invention!

What's next for Fashion On Mars: Finish our layout where we work on our clothing for the line, finish the hardware and functionality, and we're going to alter our logo a little bit and we're going to figure out where else we are going to go with the idea.

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