Fashion is a big deal on IMVU... inspiration was to give the IMVU community a FUN way to show their outfits.

What it does

Fashion Fu chooses 5 of a player's outfits and turns this into a runway fashion show game. Players must tap exactly on time to hit their marks (or suffer embarrassing "fashion fails"). See "Try it now" below to play the game!

Social sharing straight to the IMVU feed is possible at any time during the game from the PAUSE screen, and at the Final Score screen where all 5 avatars are shown.

How I built it

Built with Unity and the IMVU api.

Challenges I ran into

Designing a one-button fashion show game that is playable, fun, and has humor was the challenge. The current game is a basic version of the larger fantastic, fun, and funny vision for this game.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Developed an interesting and fun one-button game mechanic for the IMVU fashion community. It's very cool to watch other IMVU players log in and see the deep variety of avatars IMVU has available when they emerge onto the runway.

What I learned

Learned a lot about the IMVU api, 3D character animation in Unity, social sharing features of IMVU.

What's next for Fashion Fu

The goal is to reveal this game to the IMVU community, see how they react to it, and make it better from there based on their feedback. Watching a Fashion Fu show in VR would be excellent, and the game also would be excellent in multi-player.

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