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Fashion for #climate

Sustainable Fashion: Design at the service of planet and human security. International Relations & multilateral cooperation. We live in an interdependent world. Climate change is seen as a problem that threatens international security. Since it is a problem that has no borders and we are talking about a climate emergency. We need to think about future generations. To think sustainably is to reduce economic, environmental and social costs. Climate change influences the social and environmental determinants of health, having clean air, clean water, sufficient food, putting food security at risk and causing respiratory problems and infectious diseases. The #SDGs are a set of goals that will allow us to develop in an inclusive, fair, equal, supportive and responsible society, pursuing the main objective to leave no one behind.

The textil industry is the second greatest polluter of local freshwater in the world. Climate Change influences of health risk on respiratory problems and infections diseases. The goal is each worker can work from their home to not to slow down the economy, that the factories can continue. From #COVID-19 to climate action, we have a great chance to build a better and more sustainable future. Work in a sustainable way socially, economically and environmentally.

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