The ability to have a personal shopper is currently seen as a luxury for an elite community. Fashion finder, seeks to disrupt this. Fashion finder allows everyone to have their own personal shopper at their beckoning. Whether you are searching for something to wear for an occasion, or are just looking for something new for your wardrobe, fashion finder is the tool for you.

By using our rich catalog of products, ranking algorithms and the ability to take voice commands, we offer an intuitive and novel interface for a discovering new products to buy.

The UK fashion industry Contributed £26 billion to UK Economy[1], with ASOS generating over £1billion in revenue in 2015 alone. Having a personalised and tailored shopping experience is not scalable with humans, however our interfaces allows for a rich and pleasurable experience, which will keep users coming back and back again.

Find out more about our personal shopper at our radix domain

[1] UK Fashion Council -

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