I have two daughters who check Alexa daily to determine what they should wear. They usually ask Alexa for the weather, then come running over to tell me the temperatures and wait for me to tell them what to wear.

What it does

This Alexa skill provides a short description of the days weather in kid-friendly terms, then makes a recommendation for clothes to wear for the day.

How I built it

The logic for this Alexa skill runs in a simple Ruby Sinatra server and makes use of weather and time zone APIs in order to provide the user with the most accurate information.

What's next for Fashion Fairy

I'd like to continue to refine the recommendations for clothing so that it better accounts for regional preferences in temperatures. I'd also like to hire a voice actress for the fairy once I've solidified the dialog. My goal is to eventually have the fairy greet the children, then ask Alexa for the forecast, then the voice actress would comment on the weather and provide a recommendation.

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