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Every morning I get up and get breakfast and usually I ask my mom "What should I wear today?" which usually results in her telling me how cold it is outside and that i need to wear massive layers of clothes. I ended up resorting to going to accuweather every morning but that became time consuming. I wanted to make something that I could ask "what should I wear" and it would tell me what to wear based off the environment.

What it does

It pulls location data from the Alexa, puts the zipcode received from that through a zip code API ( and then receives the latitude and longitude from it to put into Darksky's API ( It uses the apparent temperature from that to then decide which outfit would be best. I also wanted to include implementation for color combinations, but since those are fairly objective I stuck to checking to see if the colors were practical for the weather (light colors for warm temperatures, dark colors for cooler temperatures).

How I built it

Alexa SDK, AWS Lambda backend (using node.js, the one true dev language), Darksky's API and the Zipcode API. also lots and lots of documentation and example projects. (see: and

Challenges I ran into

This project was a lot of firsts for me. First time using Node.JS, first time making an Alexa skill or an AWS Lambda function, first time using and API and having to parse it. I also had a ton of dumb bugs along the way, including but not limited to using ">" instead of ">=", stringifying a string, and possibly the dumbest one: repeatedly testing location using the simulator and getting errors when the docs clearly state to test it on the device.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made something I can actually use on a daily basis and hopefully other people can use too. I'm also confident in my API parsing skills now too. Also the fact that I started this project in like February and then in late April Amazon came out with their own fashion assistant, but with a camera is pretty cool too.

What I learned

See: Challenges I ran into

What's next for Fashion Assistant

Maybe integrate it with the new Echo Look. If pinterest or polyvore had API's for style trends (what colors go with what) I would probably integrate that. Also more settings to customize it to a user (gender preference, style preferences, etc.).

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