Your personal fashion expert to help you explore world of clothing


Hardcore coders like us does not like neither want to go shopping, so we decided it would be great if bot could do it for us.

What it does

Our Skype Bot frees your time and takes responsibility for choosing clothes online for you. You just ask him about things you need and he will find most suitable things for you. It can understand natural human language and search by color, season, brand, gender etc. It can also sort results by various aspects like popularity or price, and, most important - find similar items by photo!

How we built it

We used Skype Bot Framework to create a bot, MS LUIS to make it understand natural language and Zalando API to search for products.

Challenges we ran into

Creating AI is hard, especially without any background or experience in it. Making it from scratch means that we need to teach it basic stuff by hand. We were educating our AI continuously and throughout the development process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating ready and working prototype is the main accomplishment. About more specific things - creating AI from scratch and using it in product. Also implementing image search feels awesome!

What we learned

Basic natural language processing stuff. Basics (and advancements) of bot framework bots, image processing and cognitive service usage in advanced applications.

What's next for Fashion Advice bot

It will be great platform for trying and implementing new AI things.

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