I'm a fashion consultant for an American based company called LulaRoe.  The company sells directly to consumers through social media and personal websites. There are countless new styles that we bring to our customers, yet how do we keep up? This app will allow our customers to visually connect with a 360 degree view of each new or old style to get a better idea of what it would look like IRL. 
  The main issue facing LLR currently is the acquisition of new customers who have never tried the brand before.  This app is designed to bring excitement to new users who may shy away from social media but love to play around on apps. Some similar augmented reality models are used by major brands like Vans shoes. Our app would be similar and simple for each consultant to use. We are working on additional features to bring “featured consultants” to the front line on a rotating basis, and integrating real figures as well as the model which currently looks like a mannequin that we all may have at home. 
 This app will change the way those who have never tried lularoe see the brand and clothing. It will literally put a spin on clothes and help us all reach a new customer base outside of our own VIPs. 
This contest will allow us to fund an Android version of the app as well as this Apple version you see here. Please vote for us! 

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