We wanted to create something that caused people to go out of their comfort zones to explore new norms and somehow pair that with getting people to socialize! fashagram pairs just that! People are getting a bit more vulnerable on this app by showcasing outfits they have to get feedback from other users and to learn and see more fashion statement outfits that the community puts together.

What it does

All in one, users can leave comments, like the post and have their own profile.

How we built it

Using React, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

Challenges we ran into

We originally wanted to start building a mobile app and spent quite a bit of long time trying to set up our environment to build in iOS. We then realized that two of our teammates didn't have storage to download Xcode and one teammate only had windows so couldn't even download Xcode. We then migrated towards perhaps building a mobile app with react native and realized it's probably more simple to just try our idea on a website first. We had trouble with setting up our environment in React but got it done, and had some problems with a lot of typos that made our app didn't connect/work. The biggest problem we have so far is getting Firebase our cloud based database to connect with our app. This was how our posts would be 'posted' to the app and allow the site to not be hardcoded in.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Building a application in React that somewhat replicates what a social media page looks like
  • Having fun!

What we learned

  • Learning how to set up our environment for React
  • Learning how to program in react! (2/3 members had no experience with react at all!)

What's next for fashagram

  • Getting database to connect (or building our own database)
  • Deploying website
  • adding user login info so usernames will get connected and it's not just anonymous
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