We wanted to change the way that students in the computer science major and beyond can find the courses that they need to take in order to fulfill the major; we wanted to make this process more streamlined and presented in a logical progression to the students.

What it does

Our website takes in courses that the user has already taken, and returns immediate course recommendations based upon several criteria: user skill level, major requirements, and prerequisites met. It also displays the completion status for the major requirements on the right side so that the user knows which categories they are missing.

How we built it

We used Java as the backend to form the recommendations and handle all the logic taking user inputs. HTML and Javascript were used to form the user interface of the website. Spring Boot was used to facilitate data transfer between the front-end and back-end.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting our front-end and the back-end software was a large challenge for us, as we had very little collective experience in this area. A lot of time and energy was put into learning the skills and techniques necessary to complete our project.

Other smaller challenges that we faced included filtering inputs and not double-counting similar courses.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we designed a workable product that not only takes in input and puts out output, but that also gives well-thought-out recommendations.

What we learned

This was the first time any of us on the team have done any serious web development. We all had the knowledge for creating the back-end, but front-end development and connecting the two were uncharted waters for us. We landed on using Spring to support the data transfer of user inputs and recommendations between the client and server sides. We were able to study a few tutorials and slowly build the functionality we needed.

What's next for the WPI Interactive Major Tracking Sheet

In our future endeavors, we hope to improve that tracking sheet on three different levels: within the major, outside the major, and intelligence. We plan to extend the tracking sheet to include all requirements for a major including HUA and Social Science requirements. We also hope to design and implement a larger dataset to work for all majors and implement this on the front end as well. Finally, we would like to add more useful insights that account for peer grades in classes relative to this student’s grades for recommendations, give higher quality points to courses that are prerequisites for many other courses, and consider which courses are offered the upcoming semester to limit the options that pop up.

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