Meet Frank. He's a super hungry guy and likes to eat a lot. Unfortunately, eating can cause him to create a lot of gas, so it's up to you to feed him well without causing him to fart!

The game works as follows:

You and your fellow players will each draw five food cards. You can win in two ways:

  • Feed Frank all of your cards without causing Frank to fart OR
  • Cause Frank to emit a giant fart (a.k.a super fart)

You have two types of cards: normal and super fart. Super fart cards increase Frank's likelihood even more of farting (vs. a normal card), which also means his chances of emitting a super fart increase. Be careful though! If Frank farts, but it's not a super fart, you will have to draw two more cards from the deck.

To feed Frank one of your cards, just say the name of the food. In case you forget which cards you have, just say, "current hand", we'll tell you which foods you have, as well as which ones are super fart foods.

About to play that last card only to have Frank fart and force you to play two more cards? Purchase fart protection! This feature gives every player one opportunity per game to play a card without having Frank fart. Be careful when you choose to play it though! The fart you stop might be a super fart that wins you the game.

Food and farting, what's not to enjoy? With over 100 foods cards (and counting!) available, this skill is perfect to play by yourself or with friends and family of all ages!

Last but not least: we are always looking to expand our deck of delicious and fart-inducing foods as well as our premium functionality, so any suggestions on those fronts are welcome!

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