FarSight APP

The Farsight App was inspired by a desire to centralize local quality of life information and statistics for any town/city. An app like this would make or break someone's decision to live in a new city or town since it would display the nuances of the city/town that only locals were aware of such as public transportation knowledge, local crime rates or common weather patterns.

Throughout any development process, there is always something new to learn. The FarSight App development is no exception as it challenged the team to think about how to organize and display large amounts of specific statistics as well as information the user may find most important when considering living in a new town/city.

The project started off with initial design iterations in Adobe XD. Meanwhile, with some knowledge of the data to come, the Back End of the app was developed.

By far the greatest challenge faced was working on the Front End. With limited knowledge on how to develop in the Front End the team had to minimalize the app features in order to deliver a more quality and effective application.

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