To ensure the transparency in the education system

The government is investing around 4 Billion rupees to improve the education in the remote areas of Pakistan. They are giving 250 rupees to students who have 70% attendance in the month. But in remote areas their is no check so teachers mark all students as present to take money from government. In this way government is bearing 2 billion loss annually.

We created a very simple app in android to help the teachers to take attendance. In this app teachers will take attendance and it will be saved in the centralized database. To make sure attendance is taken in the school. App will send the Geo-location of the place where the attendance is taken.

By using this system we can ensure maximum transparency in the attendance. And we are expecting to reduce the loss as much as possible.

In this task we have learned how to use the knowledge to improve the problems around us, which we are facing from the very long term.

This system is giving us the results we are looking for. We can introduce similar kind of systems to other institutes of the government, which are facing the same problems.

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