👉Farmito delivers farm products to customers directly from the nearest farm/farmers, as a result, the customer gets fresh food and the farmers get the direct profit without any need for traditional middleman involvement.
👉An e-Commerce application towards sustainability.


  • In this modern era where people are busy in their work life going to the market to purchase vegetables, fruits, dairy, eggs, etc is a tiring and time-consuming task. Also, the quality is compromised. The health of people is in danger due to the daily consumption of preserved food items. In that case, fresh food at reasonable prices is high in demand.

  • The Indian farmer is a living idol of India, as they are the most hardworking farmers around the world & always busy, working hard for their crops, during day and night. But the sad part is they don’t get the desired profit out of it. It’s the middleman who makes the most of the profit and consumers have to pay more than the actual price.

What it does

  • Our team has approached to design a solution where the customer himself chooses the farmer available in their nearest farm, places an order and a delivery partner delivers farm products directly to the doorsteps of customers at a reasonable price and the money will be transferred directly to the farmer's account.

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How we built it

  • Figma: We started with a basic prototype of our entire idea. We built our mobile and web application prototype in figma.
  • Velo by Wix: To save our time we developed and hosted our website in wix.
  • Machine Learning: Location based Recommendation system.(K-mean clustering algorithm is used)

Buisiness Model

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Understanding the Stakeholders

For research work, the users were divided into three major segments according to the probable use cases of the application. Those are:

  • Farmers
  • Customer
  • Delivery partner


The farmer keeps the stock of all his production. Here the complete decision-making for the prices of goods is in his hands. Monthly or yearly Subscription based entry in Farmito app. Order will be placed by the customer to his preferred farmer/ Farm directly through famito. Once the order is accepted by the farmer, a delivery partner is assigned. A farmer sends the product via delivery partner and once the delivery process is completed customer pays directly to farmer's account.


Farmito follows the nearest farm/farmer matching algorithm. It will give them a variety of options from which farmer they want to purchase the goods from, what kind of farm product they want to purchase, etc. Based on rating or choice they can place an order. At the end of service, they can rate the farmer. Our recommended search engine will take this valuable feedback to give the best user experience.

Delivery partner

Based on the revenue collected from the farmers through Farmito app subscription model, Delivery partners will be paid based on a number of deliveries/rides they provide.

Note: We will try to generate revenue from other sources like marketing or partnership with cold storage.

Challenges we ran into

  • As a front-end developed I usually develop my websites in React.js, for the first time I used Velo by wix to design the website, initially it was challenging to understand it's interface.
  • Faced challenging to integrate the embedded iframe code in wix, infact could not fix it hence had to design it from scratch.
  • Data cleaning
  • Time constraints

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We could come up with a solution that not only a potential start-up plan, but it can solve a major farmer issues. Unlike traditional middle man involvement the money will directly get into farmers account from the customer.
  • It fullfills 2030 Sustainabiity goals.
  • We could implement a raw idea into code.
  • Our buisiness model

What we learned

  • Amazing tools and technolgies.
  • Chat API of Twilio
  • velo by Wix
  • Teamwork
  • Time management

What's next for Farmito

  • We want to take forward our project to a large scale software development model
  • We will add more functionalities to it so as to make it a real time application.
  • We would like to develop mobile application using Flutter.
  • GPI system is to added

Screenshot (612) width="400" height="300"

Screenshot (612) width="400" height="300"

Screenshot (612) width="400" height="300"

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