Due to supply chain interruptions, we learned about the vast quantity of farm excess that was being wasted. Because traditional wholesale customers like restaurants and schools are no longer able to acquire supplies, and because food banks and charities are ill-equipped to manage big quantities of vegetables. We believed that there could be technical ways to bridge the gap between those in need of food and farmers who have excess supplies. In order to empower regional producers and cut out intermediaries from the supply chain, Farmzy was created.

What it does

farmzy empowers farmers to sell their products online direclty to buyers, thus empowering local farmers and buyers. Farmers can create an account effortlessly and buyers can easily purchase items from local farmers

How we built it

I used HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Bootstrap for the front end. We utilized Flask for the backend and the chatbot, SQLITE for CRUD, Folium for map and Auth0 for registration

Challenges we ran into

To get a head start, I had to scour the internet for information, and things weren't easy because I wasnt able to add the google maps functionality and wasnt able to save information to database

Accomplishments that we're proud of

When implemented on a large scale, the idea will benefit many consumers and Farmers. In this situation, I extensively studied UI/UX designs while analyzing client requirements and developed a user-friendly interface that required little text input.

What we learned

I learned a lot during the weekend. I found out —

-Flask can construct web apps that are quick, scalable, and easy to use. -. How using Flask helps us to build backends faster. -

  • Frontend development and design
  • Adding map functionality

Finally, I learned a lot from Hack commerce throughout the weekend.

What's next for Farmzy

Future ambitions for Farmzy include a more personalized approach to data and additional features such as a recommendation engine based on NLP and collecting training data for better personalization.

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