Farmy Introduction After some brainstorming, we came to the idea of creating an AR game. Our concept would become a single player tower defense game. We decided our game would be revolving around a farm, hence the name Farmy (farm + army). We used EchoAR to generate 3D objects in the app. Our goal was that the player could play on any surface in the real world, whilst only needing his smartphone to play the game. Problems faced during development During the development of this application we obviously encountered some problems. The main issue was the time it took to create a playing field, it was way too long. This may have something to do with EchoAR running very slowly, which could be the result of many hackers using EchoAR at the same time causing it to slow down. Implementing the 3D objects on our own solved this problem but reduced the usage of EchoAR. What’s next Our finished product is a very minimalistic version, mainly due to the lack of time to finish the entire project. Some functions that we couldn’t implement include: upgrading the elements on the playing field, creating a way to save high scores and making our game more interactive and competitive. In the current version, the only defense mechanism are the towers. To make things more interesting, the defender could send out his own troops which would combat the enemy troops.

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