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Gardening hobbyists can only consume so much in the time they have before their fresh, home-grown tomatoes go bad. Today, they have two options: up your tomato intake or throw them out. Farmy introduces a third option.

What it does

Farmy is a hyper-local, produce marketplace that connects gardeners with a surplus of veggies to friends and neighbors in their area looking for cheap, fresh produce. Whether you're just growing a small pot of basil in your dorm or you're a community garden manager, farmy is the only place that helps you find a home for locally-grown produce. After you upload a listing, others can contact you about purchasing your veggies/fruit.

How I built it

Our frontend is built on React.js and our backend is Node.js. Some notable API's we used were firebase (image storage) and clarifai (auto-fill based on pictures of your veggie)

Challenges I ran into

Two of our team members had never worked with React and had limited frontend web experience and our third team member was new to computer vision so we all had learning hurdles to overcome in building farmy.

What I learned

John and Brian learned React and component-based front-end development. Jeong learned computer vision.

What's next for farmy

Blockchain, VR, AR, flowers? The sky is the limit so be sure to comment below what you think we should add next!

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