We planted corn in my house but failed to administer the fertilizers at the right time, This resulted in a poor yield.

What it does

Morpheus is building a budget estimation, tasks, expense and income management application for farmers to virtually manage their fields and hence farms as a whole. Farmer would be able to create a virtual field that would map to a physically existing one, have pre-listed tasks for fields based on the type of crop to be cultivated on the field, and be able to add customs tasks and follow through seamlessly as they handle such tasks by updating their statuses. Have a preconfigured budget estimated for each field per the crop to be cultivated and other metrics, handle expenses and incomes as they relate to each field and his/her farm as a whole. The system would also include other modules for weather forecast to give insights to farmers, and in the future do market price prediction to help them better prepare for produce sale, even before harvest. Also, since each field would be collecting operational data for the farmer, these data would be available for reuse by the farmer to make better future decisions when preparing to begin cultivation for the next coming seasons.

How we built it

We built it using Angular at The front then node and mongo at the back

Challenges we ran into

-Validating the ideas -Sourcing data for the farm task

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Team Spirit -Learned a lot

What we learned

-Technology can have an Impact on how we go about our operation in our daily career

What's next for Farmwithtech

-Beta testing -Adding new features

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