Executive Summary

The farming industry is essential for the US Economy and population. This industry is composed by several different elements that are crucial for the development of it. We understand that the current situation of the farm workers has to be improved and with this other industry role can also be benefited.

Our main goal is to create a system, consisted by hardware and software, that will gather the necessary data to improve farm work conditions. The collected data can be used in different ways, onsite by crew managers and later by organizations like OSHA that will be more interested in the available Metadata.


The idea is to have a wearable device, e.g. bracelet, wristband, gloves or apps. This wearable device will be worn by the farm workers. The device will send valuable data like temperature, heart rate, light intensity and location. The wearable has to have an easy user interface so any person can use without any language barrier. It will include 3 specialized buttons; water, emergency and complaint that can be pressed by the worker to send specific data.

This wearable is a complement to a phone application. The app will have the same button capabilities as the wearable device in case the investment in hardware is not an attractive option, but acknowledging that his option will lead to some data limitations.

The crew leader will have a different application that will monitor the status of each member of its crew, providing clocking hours, hydration status, break times etc.

The three buttons on the device and the app will allow the user to request or record when they drink water, need breaks, request for assistance and record the current status. This third option is done to cover complaint issues. If the worker feels that they are under bad conditions at the moment, they could notify this and data will be saved to prove this complaint.

Benefits of this Project: By the design of a simple/nonexpensive social interface between the crew leaders and their workers, we are able to create a new bank of data that can be analyzed. Data Analysis will be implemented to identify the location farms with irregular work conditions. A place that on average has low water consumption, few breaks or any other factor that can be interpreted as bad working conditions. This data will be sent to the OSHA so they can act accordantly were they need to. In addition, this data analysis can help other farm owners to lower their insurance rates per worker and to improve their IIPP by indicating good working conditions from the data received.

Users Interface: We have two different ones. One for the farmers, and one for the crew leaders. The UI for the farmers can be used to submit complaints, call for help, and record their activity.

The UI for the crew leads allows them to keep track of the health of all their workers. They can click on any individual and see their stats. Refer to the pictures uploaded.

Platform Architecture: The platform architecture describes how the both UI are linked together and how the backend would interpret the data from the wearable device into specific events.

The deliverables we plan on are two UIs that are connected by a DB backend. David and Luke will work on the UI part, Victor and Giordano will work on the backend.

Difficulties: We were not able to finish the crew leader UI and the data analysis section. That is due the lack of database implementation knowledge on the team and the fact that our team consisted of one software engineer and 3 computer engineers meaning that more time will be required for us naturally to learn software coding skills (not the same as embedded systems coding as c++ or other languages used by computer engineers)

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