This app is like a Zillow for farmers. When a farmer wants to purchase a big piece of land, it would be really handy to have information such as the weather, the yield and soil information at his/her finger tips.

What it does

Login with a climate corp account.

Choose if you want to :

  1. View farms on sale nearby.
  2. View your climate corp profile.
  3. View farms on sale near your already existing farms.
  4. Get information about the weather.
  5. Get the soil type info.
  6. Get details about the kind of crops suited for the kind of soil the farm has.
  7. Get a "Farmr" Score for that particular farm. This is obtained by a set of heuristics that we built on top of the parameters that generally influence the crop yield of a farm.

How we built it

We built this app on Android and Python on the backend. Used Weather Underground API to obtain weather statistics. Used USDA crop yield data to map the soil type with the type of crops and crop yield per acre. Crawled NRCS Illinois website to obtain a few more details about how soil types affect the crop yield.

Challenges I ran into

Lack of existing API to get farm land valuation data and lack of good historical weather data apis.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Went from "Hello World" to a fully functional and useful app in 24 hrs straight.

What's next for Farmr

  1. Track your existing farm details.
  2. Track the existing farm area usage.
  3. Use optimization algorithms to suggest which plots a farmer should buy to improve his existing crop yield.
  4. Integrate payment gateways to complete a buy-sell transaction.
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