Due to the sudden change in climate the farmers are facing huge losses and lack precision farming. Making their conditions worst day by day.

What it does

Basically the project puts the light on the small part of the farming that is being practiced now-a-days.It generally focuses on the greenhouse based farming system. The system is equiped with some special sensors and appliances, so that the system can take the measure when ever it is necessary to take possible measures depending upon the environmental parameters.This will give far better impact to the farmers by decrease the labour cost, energy and time and increasing the poduction of the plant or the crop. In this small time span we had included the possible appliances that can be fitted , such as, Cooling Fan,LED-lights,Heater,a water pump and a retractable roof.Some of the sensors are the DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor, moisture sensor and the light sensor. The system is degined with 2 modes- i) Manual mode- Each appliances can be controlled by the tap of the switches in the app that is also made by the MIT app inventory ii) Autonomous mode-Here each of the appliances will work automatically as instructed depending upon the input of the various sensors.(Here the appliances cannot be operated though the app) Now the special part of the project is the RETRACTABLE ROOF:- 1.When the system detects the sunlight over 80% then the roof will automatically be closed by the system.

When the temperature goes bellow a threshold point the roof will also get automatically closed when the system sense the temperature going below the threshold point which can be harmful for the plant by closing the roof, so that the heat may remain in the room for longer period of time. If the moisture goes above 60% the roof will also get close , to protect the plant from the heavy rain.## How we built it

Moreover it can also check the plant disease type and can also help with what type of pesticides or measures to be taken.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges I had faced:- i) To find a cardboard box for fixing the sensors and appliances ii)To find out what are the idle value of moisture, light, humidity and temperature needed for the plant to set in the system iii) To develop a APP in the MIT app inventory as it was my first time developing app. iv)How to make the roof retractable and how should the roof will know the limits of its openning and closing position. v) How to get the values from arduino to BOLT module and again transferring it to the app.

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