We all know that sustainable shopping is quite difficult. Using our creativity to make some impact, by making it more fun and understandable, was an opportunity we didn't want to miss.

What it does

After you finish your grocery shopping at your local Migros supermarket, you take a photo of your receipt. For which you will get rewarded with resources. The more sustainable your purchase, the greater the chance to earn resources. The resources can then be placed on your own digital farm. Once planted, your resources will grow. Once the day for harvest has come you can sell your crop and earn points. You can compare your score with your friends on the leaderboard and try to beat them. A sustainable shopping behaviour will help you with this.

How we built it

At the start we split our hybrid team in frontend and backend. This cut was not final though. Therefore, the backend people helped out in the frontend and vice versa. The Frontend is a hybrid setup with the ability to build the app for web, android, ios and so on with a single codebase. We used the Ionic framework ( with the Capacitor runtime ( for that purpose. For fast prototyping we decided to go with nest ( and MongoDB at the backend/server side.

In the beginning the two systems where decoupled. But on early Saturday afternoon we brought it together and begun optimising and extending the project.

For the receipt scanning we tried several different providers of text/document recognition services and decided to go with Microsoft Azure Form Recognizer (

Challenges we ran into

  1. Tight Deadlines and little sleep
  2. Different Workloads in Frontend and Backend in different phases of the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Working Map with lots of functionalities
  2. Early connection of Frontend and Backend
  3. Achieving our planned prototype on time.

What we learned

  1. New Frameworks
  2. Fast decision making
  3. More short breaks help more than less long breaks

What's next for Farmigros

We decided against putting time into login/register functionality because Migros already has their solutions for that and for this prototype it wouldnt add much of a benefit. So first thing should be, make it possible to login to add more users to the game. What users would also benefit a lot from is a fun levelling system with an even more diverse set of resources and maybe more growing stages. The game could also be linked directly to cumulus cards, so you don't even have to scan your receipt. This could make the access to popular resources even faster and would make cheating even more difficult. Introducing a friends-system and make the farms of other players visitable could give the game and its social competition character a further boost.

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