In India, Agriculture industry contributes 17% of the GDP but since the outbreak of COVID 19, many services are shut down so the farmers are mostly effected and unable to earn their daily earning due to imposed lockdown , which makes their survival difficult and even if they want to sell , they need to go crowded places which risk their health and high chances of getting infected. due to this economy is directly affected. Personally one of my friend's father is a farmer whos life depends on daily earning by selling their vegetable on the market .due to this current situation their financial condition has been totally effected .which inspired our team to find a solution for this . and this is how we came out with a solution.

What it does

Our solution is service-based, here we develop a platform(website) where farmers, transportation services, markets are connected. where farmers can sell their crops or products online through our dedicated website and application (android, iOS) based on the order made by the consumer . in order to ensure social distancing norms and to cover a large segment of the customer at a time, we are implementing STREET DELIVERY TOKEN BASED SYSTEM (SDTS) where the consumer will be provided token number and a time slot to collect the order safely.

How I built it

for the prototype purpose we used 1)HTML 2)css 3)java script 4)hosting paltform-google cloud (

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